Epke 474 x Wimer 461

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  "Versace" is an imported Friesian stallion, sired by Epke 474, one of the tallest approved Friesians. He as alot of mane and feathering especially for his young age. In the 2019 Keuring he was the Youth Champion, and the Dutch judge recommended he go back for Ster this year. Versace has lots of well known names in his pedigree like Anton 343, Jasper 366, and Beart 411. He has lots of bone as well as extremely beautiful high knee movements.

Breed: Friesian

Registered with: KFPS("FHANA"), FHH


Coat Color: Black, without black markings

Coat Genetics: aa EE

Dwarfism & Hydrocephalus: Negative


$600 for non-Friesian mares.
$1000 for purebred Friesian mares.

 *Multiple mare discount available

Guaranteed pregnancy during the whole season

Foals by "Versace" can be registered with FHH, or FHS even if the mare isn't registered.

Immediately after breeding, you will recieve the future foal's application pre-filled with the stallion's required information.

(972) 835-7442