D.F Anton Jeltsje

Anton 343 x Bendert 381

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   "Anton" is son of approved stallion Anton 343 and a Ster mare! D.F. Anton Jeltje has a luxurious long mane that almost touches the floor, a thick wavy tail, and lots of thick feathering on his feet. He unlike most friesians, has a small and pretty head that connects with his big, thick, and powerful neck. He is very intelligent with a kind and noble character. Excellent conformation with beautiful movements.

Breed: Friesian

Registered with: KFPS("FHANA"), FHH, FBHR.


Coat Color: Black, without black markings

Coat Genetics: aa EE

Dwarfism: Negative

Sold, July 2020

(972) 835-7442