Stallions available for breeding

Epke 474 x Wimer 461


  "Versace" is an imported Friesian stallion, sired by Epke 474, one of the tallest approved Friesians. He as alot of mane and feathering especially for his young age. In the 2019 Keuring he was the Youth Champion, and the Dutch judge recommended he go back for Ster this year. Versace has lots of well known names in his pedigree like Anton 343, Jasper 366, and Beart 411. He has lots of bone as well as extremely beautiful high knee movements.


Breed: Friesian

Registered with: KFPS("FHANA"), FHH


Coat Color: Black, without black markings

Coat Genetics: aa EE

Dwarfism & Hydrocephalus: Negative



$600 for non-Friesian mares.
$1000 for purebred Friesian mares.

 *Multiple mare discount available

Future Stallions

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Feroes de Terra

Breed: Pura Raza Española,

Registered with: ANCCE


Coat Color: Black Isabelo (Black Double Pear)

Coat Genetics: gg aa EE PrlPrl

Reference Stallions

Inquieto JP x Pizarro PM

   "Elegante" was bred by Yeguada Lujan. He was sired by Inquieto JP(Rancho la Estancia), and out of Jaranera MR(imported from Rancho Los Potrillos in Mexico). Elegante's bloodlines include Paco Marti , Yeguada Agricola Peralta y Yeguada Romero Benitez. Elegante has big names in his pedigree like Distinto XXV, Divo PM, and Aviador V. Very noble, smart and full of energy. Excellent conformation and movement. He is genetically tested as double cream and double Agouti so his offspring with always be of diluted coats! 

Breed: Pura Raza Española, o Andalusian

Registered with: ANCCE, IALHA


Coat color: Perlino, without markings

Coat Genetics: gg AA EE CrCr

Anton 343 x Bendert 381

   "Anton" is son of approved stallion Anton 343 and a Ster mare! D.F. Anton Jeltje has a luxurious long mane that almost touches the floor, a thick wavy tail, and lots of thick feathering on his feet. He unlike most friesians, has a small and pretty head that connects with his big, thick, and powerful neck. He is very intelligent with a kind and noble character. Excellent conformation with beautiful movements.

Breed: Friesian

Registered with: KFPS("FHANA"), FHH, FBHR.


Coat Color: Black, without black markings

Coat Genetics: aa EE

Dwarfism: Negative

Sold, July 2020

Centenario was sired by Carthusian stallion Hereje. Centenario was bred by the famous Andalusian ranch "Herradura Andalusians", his bloodlines include, Carthusian, and Yeguada Militar. He has a pretty head that connects to a thick and powerful neck with a long, flowing fairytail-like mane. He has a beautiful trot full of energy.

Sold to Wisconsin, 2018